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Shanghai Ninth People's Hospital
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  • area(China): Shanghai  
    hospital: comprehensive  
    Departments: general   hospital  
    Country: China  

    The hospital introduction

    Shanghai Ninth People's Hospital

       Shanghai Ninth People’s Hospital, formerly called Bethel Hospital, was established in 1920, and has had a glorious history of nearly 90 years. Now, it has developed into a comprehensive medical institution featuring stomatology, plastic surgery and orthopedics, which conducts teaching and research while providing medical care for the public.

        The hospital covers 45.1 acres, with buildings covering 108, 464 square meters, and possesses 1000 inpatient beds, 260 chairs for stomatological treatment, 33 clinical departments and 9 medically-related technical departments. Among the 2100 employees, over 300 are professors and experts with good professional qualifications and outstanding medical skills, including 3 academicians of Chinese Academy of Engineering and 1 National Chief Scientist, and over 100 experts are supported by various programs for talents at different levels.

        The hospital is home to two colleges: College of Stomatology and Jiuyuan College of Clinical Medicine. The two colleges have among their staff members 49 Ph.D. tutors (11 doctoral programs) and 103 master tutors (24 master programs) who are responsible for the supervision of about 100 doctoral candidates and students working for the master's degree.

         The hospital has 3 National Key Disciplines and 1 National Key Training Discipline, 2 Shanghai Key Disciplines and 3 Shanghai Key Laboratories. In the past 8 years, the hospital has won over 100 awards for achievements in science and technology granted at various levels, including 2 prizes of National Science and Technology Award and 1 prize of National Technological Invention Award.

         In the past decade, the hospital has made great headway in clinical practice, medical education as well as scientific research. It has acquired good reputation both at home and abroad.

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