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Shanghai 1st Plastic Surgery Hospital
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  • Business Hours:9:00am-18:00pm
    Traffic line:Subway: 1、transfer line 9 at Xujiahui to Qibao 2、transfer line 3 or line 4 at Yishan Road to Qibao 3、line 9 to Qibao,8 minutes walk towards the old Qibao street 4、take bus 92A to Fuqiang Street at Shanghai stadium or Caobao Road(subway line 1) Bus: 1、take line 91 or line 478 or Xinbei line to Fuqiang Street at zoo
    area(China): Shanghai  
    hospital: Hospital(1)   Specialist  
    Country: China  

    The hospital introduction


         It is one of the few large plastic hospitals in Shanghai which have the advanced equipment, the elegant environment and first-class technology.Plastic, beauty, laser, traditional Chinese medicine beauty and oral health as the characteristics, the introduction of advanced plastic surgery and oral medical equipment, have professional operation room hospital ward environment clean, bright, comfortable. At the same time the hospital to carry out the development and training of operation cosmetic many difficulties and high, fine, sharp, and many domestic and foreign academic achievement of "professional level of beauty" in the field of plastic surgery, all sectors of the community by the consistent high praise and the respect of his peers.


          It was built in the city of Shanghai relatively wealthy Minhang District seven Xin Road busy road, next to Shanghai's famous tourist area -- the ancient town of Qibao commercial atmosphere thick, different from the past to see the hospital, famous foreign designers hand,to visiting patients more like entering a hotel, the hospital every detail the design has to consider the patient's psychological feeling, hope to eliminate the nervousness of patients, totheir home cordial and warm feeling, the cosmetic surgery should be people-oriented intentionaccord. The hospital covers an area of 2500 square meters, has advanced plastic surgery and oral medical equipment, 7 professional cleaning operation room. Hospital environment elegant,all wards were at the hotel with comfortable, bright, provide hotel type star service.

    Experts and the standard

           The expert line-up is led by professor Zou Lijian,a notability in Chinese plastic field, brings together more than 20 China plastic industry, experts, and always adhere to the "visual operation for art" purposes, according to individual difference, comprehensive personal image design. The pursuit of high technology, high level, to create products, fully meet the personalized needs of beauty. Hospital with "beautiful life, with your success" for business philosophy, to build a "paradigm" plastic surgery hospital in high-end Chinese for vision, committed to high-end service China core customer groups, to provide professional, for consumers in high-quality medical cosmetic plastic surgery and medicine, oral health services, help for the United States to create a harmonious and confident wonderful life.

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