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Spain: A preferred destination for medical tourism

     Spain has always been a popular tourist destination offering year-round warm weather and a diverse landscape with the beaches on both the Atlantic coast and the Mediterranean Sea. Located southern Europe, Spain attracts tourists from nearby European countries travelers from all over the world. Being one of the more affordable countries in Western Europe, Spain’s medical tourism industry has become more and more popular with citizens of countries like England, France, Sweden, the United States and Canada.

Why choose Spain for travel and treatment?

      Travelers come to Spain not only to relax on some of Europe’s most beautiful beaches, but also to explore the Spanish culture and history. Those coming to Spain for a medical procedure, more often than not, will also take the time to enjoy what Spain has to offer, such as watching a flamenco show and sampling the local tapas and wine. American and British citizens will find that Spanish doctors and surgeons are very qualified as they are required to train a total of at least six years for general practice, and another five years for a specialized practice. Many Spanish doctors are also registered with the General Medical Council in Great Britain. The proximity of Spain to England and to the United States makes it one of the more popular destinations for medical tourism.

Medical Facilities in Spain

    The World Healthcare Organization has ranked Spain as having the 7th best healthcare in the world. One important factor in Spain achieving this ranking is the fact that Spain’s hospitals are equipped with modern technology and sophisticated medical equipment. Some of the popular procedures for medical tourism in Spain include plastic surgery, cosmetic dentistry, and elective surgery.

Spain's Hospitals and International Standards of Care

     Spain has more than 750 hospitals and a multitude of clinics exclusively catering to medical tourists, all of which are overseen by the Spanish Health Ministry. Spanish hospitals have practitioners who speak English or offer interpreters. English speaking patients can choose to be treated by an English speaking doctor with affiliations to the General Medical Council in Great Britain.  Most surgeries performed in Spain cost far less than the same procedures in England or in the United States. A face-lift in Spain costs roughly £4,000 - £4,500, which is far less than the price of a face-life in the

     United States and about 40% less than the price of a face-lift in Great Britain. The cost of liposuction is also about half the price of the procedure in Great Britain or the United States.
Convalescence in Spain

     Spanish hospitals specializing in medical tourism have superb locations and are known for offering the ultimate in aftercare, with on-call specialists, top-of-the-line equipment and often times with spa facilities.

Spain Travel Information

    Travelers coming from Europe and the United States do not need a visa prior to entry. Spanish is the majority language, but English is widely spoken-one of the reasons that medical tourism in Spain grows in popularity. Electrical outlets are at 230 volts and usually take the two round-peg plugs, so travelers from Canada and America will need a voltage converter and adaptor.  The currency is the euro.
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