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China: Low Cost, High Quality Care

China is such a massive country with such a long history, it has amazing experiences to offer visitors: from the magnificent historical treasures to some of the world’s finest food and shopping. China is a late entry into the global medical tourism scene but the major hospitals in cities like Shanghai and Beijing rival the best medical care offered anywhere in the world.

Why choose China for travel and treatment?

China is taking major steps to make its name in medical tourism. While services in much of the country are not up to Western standards, medical treatment in the finest hospitals in China’s largest cities is truly top international standard. Hospitals in cities like Beijing and Shanghai offer huge savings, impeccable care and international-quality facilities and expertise. Plus, staying in the major cities offers visitors the chance to experience some fantastic shopping and some of the world’s most amazing historical sites. Beijing highlights include the majestic Great Wall, Tiananmen Square and the Forbidden City, while Shanghai’s breath-taking skyline, Art Deco Bund area and sensational shopping are great reasons to visit.

Medical Facilities in China

China’s most popular procedures for medical tourists are in the areas of cardiology, orthopedics, cosmetic and weight-loss treatments and neurology. China is also a leader in global stem cell research and offers some treatments that may not yet be available in Western nations. The major cities have both private and government hospitals with international departments catering to the needs of foreign, non-Chinese speaking patients. Furthermore, as well as Western medical services, China offers the advantage of the best of traditional Chinese techniques including acupuncture, herbal medicines, fire cupping and tui na massage therapies.

China's Hospitals and International Standards of Care

Costs for medical procedures in China are a fraction of the USA and UK. All-up costs for a full face-lift in America would be around $15,000 while in China the same procedure would be less than $4,000. Other treatments offer comparable savings. A number of top surgeons practicing in China are Korean, Taiwanese and Singaporean, bringing their expertise to the Chinese healthcare system. Modern hospitals and providers offering top-quality international services include the Raffles Center (part of the Raffles Medical Group) and Parkway Cancer Center in Shanghai, while the private Boai Medical Group now offers services in a number of the major cities.

Convalescence in China

While Shanghai and Beijing offer plenty of distractions for convalescing patients, the south of China offers the opportunity for relaxing recovery at the stunning beaches on Hainan Island. The island is not well-known internationally but features a number of international resort hotels perfect for post-surgical recuperation. China is a large country but there are numerous flights between major destinations and travel is not expensive. Many of the top hospitals also offer post-surgery recovery suites for patients.

Outside of the cities, China is full of spas and recovery centers situated in beach, mountain and other pleasing locations.

China Travel Information

All visitors to China require a visa to enter the country. Visa processing can take a little time and fast-track visa services are not available.

English is not widely spoken outside of the major cities in China but the top hospitals offering international services are all staffed with English-speaking personnel. Even in Shanghai and Beijing it is advisable to carry your hospital or hotel address written in Chinese with you at all times. But when it comes to shopping and bargaining, the international language of the calculator works just fine.

China’s electrical system runs of 220 volts, and its currency is the yuan. ATMs are readily available in the cities. While top-end hotel accommodation is not particularly cheap in China, most other services are a fraction of the cost of the West. If you’re planning to visit Beijing, be aware that in the winter months of December through February maximum daily temperatures can be less than five degrees Celsius while the summer months regularly reach temperatures of 30+ degrees Celsius.

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