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PLA 85 Hospital
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  • Hospital details
  • area(China): Shanghai  
    hospital: comprehensive  
    Departments: general   hospital  
    Country: China  

    The hospital introduction

    PLA 85 Hospital

       PLA 85 Hospital is a large general teaching hospital, with medical practice, teaching and scientific research integrated, including 12 departments. It has been awarded four times the title of advanced unit and was granted the title of Class A Hospital at the Tertiary Level (the highest class) in 1993.

       It has over 600 beds with more than 200 professors and associate professors, including many well-known experts who enjoy high reputations due to their pioneering work in diagnosis and treatment of tumor.

      It is equipped with various up-date diagnostic and therapeutic instruments, such as CT, PET-CT, DSA, Body gamma knife, X-ray machine, color ultrasound, etc.

        Gamma knife center is the first established gamma knife center in Shanghai. It is also a key department in the hospital. Gamma knife is a simple, painless and straightforward treatment. The center enjoys a high reputation abroad and home. Every year many people go there and take gamma knife therapy and the hospital offers them a safe and effective treatment. And the cost is far more reasonable than the same surgery in US and other country. The president of Argentina has taken the gamma knife surgery there.

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