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Tami Plastic Surgery & Laser Center
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  • Hospital details
  • Country: Korea  

    The hospital introduction

    Brief introduction

    1. Officially registered as the ‘Promotion Agency for Foreign Patients’ by the Ministry of Health and Welfare of Korea
            2. A leading plastic surgery clinic registered in Incheon Medical Tourism Foundation
            3. The largest plastic surgery clinics in Incheon,with latest medical devices
            4. Specialized experts in eyes,nose,breasts,facial contouring,fat grafting/aspiration,etc.
            5. Skin/Obesity Clinic with state-or-art laser equipment
            6. Guaranteed safety with In-house anesthesiologist
            7. Professionally trained staff members
            One of top plastic surgeons with many years of experience in Seoul Gangnam’s beauty district

    Medical Services

            Surgeries on eyes,nose,breasts,younger face,jaw and facial contouring surgery,liposuction and transplantation of fat,hair transplantation
            2.Skin Laser Center
            Treatments for anti-aging,dissolving fats,moisturizing,pigmentation,acne,obesity an skin tightening
            Trained anesthesiologists control pains during and after the operation

    Expert Team

    1.Tami Plastic Surgery Center
            Director Kim Sun Ok  / Director Yun Hee Keun
            2.Tami Skin-Laser Center
            Director Hong Seung Pyo
            3.Tami Anesthesia Center

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