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Test-tube baby, from pregnancy to eugenics
-----------------Test-tube baby
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With the development and maturity of test-tube baby technology, many countries can realize

your dreams of having children.

With the implementation of ’separate two children’ policy, it is predicted that it will trigger a

wave of ‘ baby boom’. But in fact, fertility is not so easy for many families.

Due to factors such as environmental pollution and social pressure, many women miss their

reproductive age or one of the couple has trouble with their body. Then they can’t fulfill their

wishes. And some can’t give birth to a baby because of repeated spontaneous abortion and

genetic disease. The assisted reproductive technology especially the test-tube baby

technology has become the last hope of families.

Pre-implantation genetic diagnosis (PGD) brings the time of screening the genetic defects

forward to early embryonic stage. This action has avoided the selective abortion, multiple

miscarriage and ethical conflict. You can choose to give birth to a boy or a girl.

The famous doctors who you can make an appointment are listed on the website of Hongqiao

Yiyou. No matter you have infertility, artificial insemination or male infertility (no sperm), they

can help you to improve the rate of success of test-tube baby. At the same time, they can help

women who have experienced many times of test-tube failure out of despair and realize their

dream of being parents. Hongqiao has launched more green channels and reproductive

medicines with well conceived plans. It provides with professional services and makes the

patient and family members communication with the doctor. Then they can have a good chance

to know more about the condition of infertility. The doctors we make appointments for you are

representative of the leading experts in reproductive medicine. They have been trained and

worked for many years overseas. They master the most advanced diagnosis and treatment

technology. We establish academic communication and cooperation relationship with America,

Europe, Poland,

Thailand and other reproductive medicine center. We discuss the complicated medical record

together and seek the most advanced technology and medical services for you.

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