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A meeting between head of HQIMT and experts of IVI
-----------------meeting the experts
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Dr. Xavier Santamanria, the expert of IVI, says that a woman has her best eggs before the age of 35. Effected by

many situations, including busy work and all kinds of ovarian diseases, more and more women have prepared

their eggs for future use.


The longest storage of the egg in IVI is more than 15 years.To protect the eggs from unexpected power

outage and equipment failure,IVI equips with several backup power supplies and equipment.There are many

pictures of test-tube newborns on the office walls,and it's so sweet.The treatment is so prompt that the

patients don't have to be hospitalized.They can just go back home after a 2-hour rehabilitation. 



IVI is the world's second largest medical group which focuses on assisting reproductive treatment and

research. At present, it has many branch hospitals in nearly 40 countries. The rate of IVF is 90%.IVI has a

strong medical team, state-of-the-art facilities and rigorous process. Congenital diseases of the test-tube babies

can be excluded through genetic testing. You can choose the conception egg and get the growth record

of getting into a baby from the cell, from which parents can have happiness and excitement.



Lead by the head of the department, we looked around the operating room. And the principal

introduced us something about the egg obtaining, embryo storage devices, egg screening and embryo

hatching facilities, etc. Through visiting and communication with experts face to face, we were sure that

HQIMT could provide the information of the best specialists and hospitals in the world. We take care of

everything including overseas IVF, expert appointments, surrogacy, translation, etc. We can offer you a one-stop service.


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