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The research and clinical application of stem cell
-----------------stem cell
Posted at 2015-02-13 13:50:21 CLICK COUNT:820

On May 13th, there was a seminar about the research and clinical application of stem cell in America which was

held by Shanghai 1st Plastic Surgery Hospital. Dr. Francois Binette was the vice-president of Bio Time Co. It

was a public corporation which was cooperating with China Medicine Inc. Professor Wang Wei was an

International Plastic Doctor from Shanghai Ninth Hospital. Professor Jin was from Cornell University. Professor

Zou Lijian was from Shanghai 1st Plastic Surgery Hospital, the CEO of Shanghai Hongqiao Medical Tourism Co.



Recently, stem cell technology is not only the high-tech in medical community but also the new

way in the field of treatment. Stem cell treatment is state of the art which can ensure

safety and effectiveness. In view of the technical difference between home and abroad, our

tourism website provides a great many of the medical resources for both here and abroad.

Our tourism website organized this activity for people who wanted to know about this

aspect very much, to communicate with the professors and to inquire.

At the opening ceremony, CEO Mr. Yang Jian said that “the research and clinical application

of stem cell in America is meaningful for medical community. It is not only the summary of the

past experience but also the discussion of the latest medical treatment. We are looking for it.”



During the seminar, Dr. Francois Binette explained and analyzed the research and clinical

application of stem cell in America deeply. Dr. Francois Binette invented Carticel which was

used for stem cell treatment by FDA. Dr. Francois Binette introduced the following three

aspects carefully: 1. Orthopedic Surgery: backbone and arthrosis. 2. Plastic/ Reconstructive

Surgery: Head and Neck. 3.Management of pain: legs and back. Dr. Francois Binette and Dr.

Arnold Caplan were the fathers of MSC therapy.

There were more than 50 attendees, which include elites, scientists, investors, legal advisers,

lawyers, medical postgraduates and doctors of biological engineering. The leading experts

exchanged their opinions on the exploitation, application and promotion

of stem cell.

Hongqiao Medical Website will continue to provide the most authoritative and humanized

service for every customer. We will try our best to improve the treatment for our customers

so that they can have more chances for a better life. We promise that all of our customers

will have the chances to communicate with leading professors and receive the latest

medical treatment.


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